Customized service

Further optimizing your administrative logistic process and information supply by exchanging digital information with EDCR? Which company wouldn’t like to seize such an efficient opportunity?

This and much more is possible at EDCR. We have an in-house IT department allowing us to switch fast, in combination with a wealth of experience in the field of logistic processes. Together with you we proactively think about where to gain profit and how things could be arranged better and smarter. With our EDI options, information between your system and ours can be processed fast and flawless

Recently we have developed an online customized order system for a foreign customer who is going to be operating the European market. This customer is now able to directly invoice in conformity with Dutch law and legislation and their orders are also visible in the system of EDCR as soon as they are placed.

This is just one example of the numerous customized solutions EDCR can provide for you. Let us surprise you with our options. For further information please contact our sales department. We would be happy to help you optimize your processes.